I had ish as my personal trainer at the gym. He is an amazing trainer, he pushed me to the limits I never knew i'd reach and since then I feel a lot happier, healthier and I have slimmed down too. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help with fitness and body toning. I will be going back to him 100%

Steph Brownie, DynamicIsh Customer

Training with Ish is one of the smartest things I have done this year. I got to a point where I needed to change my gym routine and Ish was the answer to that change. Since training with Ish I now understand why we do the things we do. Sometimes people just go to the gym and lift weights but yet very clueless why they do what they do. Its different with Ish. He explains everything in detail so you are well motivated with understanding of what to do and why. I was very stiff, lots of belly fats and very unfit, but in the last few weeks, I have been able to loose some belly fat, I am now very flexible and I can now run for 30 mins non-stop because i have a trainer who pushes me gently but yet achieves results.


Kingsley E. Otohwo, IT Business Consultant

Global Gate Consult Ltd

London, United Kingdom

If you want to achieve your gym goals then ISH is your man. From your diet to custom exercises to suit your body type he does it all. His knowledge and experience is unbelievable and he is always happy to share it. I never once walked away from a gym session with ISH thinking I could have tried a bit harder, this man motivates and pushes you to give 100% every time. 10/10.

Joe Martin, Branch Manager

Woolwich Branch

City Electrical Factors Limited

I've been training with Ish for about four months now, and I'm extremely happy with the sessions. So much so, Ish is the first Personal trainer I've ever bought extra sessions with. He will push you beyond your comfort zone, and get you doing things you didn't think you could. Since starting with Ish I've found myself pushing myself both in sessions with him and outside. An added bonus is he is also a really nice guy who makes the sessions enjoyable.

Gareth Howell

I have really enjoyed training under his very professional supervision. His coaching skills are incredible, working out has been fun and challenging. There are no boring sessions and he is ever so creative! I always look forward to the next session. My fitness progress confirms it all. Thank you!!

Angelica Wrona

As a seasoned combat sports enthusiast, I needed to improve my self-confidence, techniques and fitness with new challenges so I decide to join the BOXING, K1-KICKBOXING and FITNESS classes. I will say I really enjoyed my sessions with ITSE and I was very impressed with how much he incorporated different forms of combat styles into each training session. Although I already had a fairly good level of combat sports experience, he helped me improve on my weaknesses and identified areas I needed to work on. Most importantly, he's very calm and his gentle approach made training a lot more fun and not scary. Thanks

Collins Obasuyi

I have been working out for 2 years without achieving any goals. In reality, I hardly knew anything about training programs and my working out was not effective as I was just spending hours and hours on the treadmill. My personal training with Itse has been of great benefit to me. The personal training is definitely value for money as I have seen a huge improvement in my overall fitness and strength. I’ve really surprised myself at how far I’ve come and how much stronger and fitter I am in just a few months. Itse’s strategy works great for me as I am generally lazy and need a lot of pressure, not encouragement. Also the strategy of motivation, flexibility and easy approach suits my busy lifestyle perfectly. Could not recommend Itse enough as a personal trainer!

Anna Andrejeva

My experience with Ish for the past 6 weeks have been nothing but positive, he has a wealth of knowledge for health and well being. He has inspired me to focus on my goals and achieve greatness. I and my gym partner currently train with Ish 4 times a week. Training together works really well as Ish gets us to work as a team but also to work against each other and this has added an extra layer to our training. My overall strength, fitness and day to day energy has increased dramatically. If anyone is thinking of training as a group or by themselves I would definitely recommend Ish AKA "The Doctor"

Michael O’Connell

Before I meet Ish, I felt that personal trainers were a waste of time and money. However I gave Ish a try and honestly it changed my whole perspective on personal trainers. He is worth more than the value of gold! I had a bad name for personal trainers from my own experience going to a gym for over 7+years what they were like which was a lot of talking, doing basic exercises and throwing some weights around with their clients. However the way Ish engages you is on a whole new level, he pushes you to the limit, makes it fun, teaches you and works with you to achieve your goals. He shows you how to achieve you goals and has his own an app to help you along which I found great. He pays special attention to stretching before every session. If you are thinking of a personal trainer to help achieve your fitness goals, call ISH! One session with him and you will agree with this review that he is worth more than the value of gold!

Stephen Last

Since I started training with 'the doctor' Itse, I have noticed an increase in my overall fitness, flexibility and strength. Pushing me to my limit 4 days a week he has also given me valuable nutrition advice and has helped me plan and organise myself to prepare healthy meals throughout the week. Before training with Itse I just went to the gym, threw a few weights around, run and went home, barely breaking a sweat along the way - now I find myself doing all sorts of different exercises pushing my body to the absolute limit every session. Itse epitomises positivity and hard work and could help anybody from any walk of life and any fitness level achieve their goals.

David Bagley

Simply, with his help I achieved my goals, which I struggled to do on my own for years. Ish helped me significantly & changed my body in only 3 months, during which my strength & fitness levels more than doubled. Ish really helped me by giving me the tools to grow, such as diet and training tips through one-one sessions. In a way, your goals become his, which most other PT's don't do, and this makes him more determined to guide you to success. Need motivation, need encouraging, need help getting your goals, Ish is the man you need.

Jack Kingsman BSc (Hons.)

As an established fitness fanatic, I was getting a little bored with my normal routine so and wanted to switched things up a little to challenge myself. I had been to a few of Ish's group classes and liked how energetic and fun he was so decided to try some one on one sessions. He really pushes you to do your best and his sessions are always very challenging, different and fun.

Mariam Abu

It was great training with Ish! He's an excellent motivator and his enthusiasm is contagious! He knows how to make training challenging and exciting - no two sessions are the same!

Triona Blair

I have been doing classes like circuits, kickboxing and dynamic core with Ish since December. These classes are so effective, exciting (never the same, so not boring), and fun. He is that kind of person who believes in you, even when you don't believe in yourself, and he can prove you are able to do things that you never ever thought or dreamed possible!

Zsuzsi Racz

Itse is a thorough bred professional fitness instructor. I started attending his kick-boxing classes as a newbie with no experience whatsoever in regards to self-defence tactics but things changed around after taking 2-3 classes under his tutorship. I have so far gained a great deal of boxing know-how and self-defence techniques. He’s a great guy that knows his stuff...... Highly recommended!

Babangida Kure