Dynamic Slimming Club

Dynamic Ish is dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals but understands that it can be a costly endeavour.

The Dynamic Slimming Club was created to make it affordable for Ladies to achieve their dream bodies.

Ish knows that the obstacles between us and our desires can sometimes seem insurmountable, with jobs, families and other life commitments

However, Ish is committed to ensuring that Dynamic Slimming Club’s Training Programme caters for everybody wherever they may be in their life and their Fitness goals.

The Dynamic Slimming Club is a platform through which Ish offers weekly support with training sessions, menu plans and motivation in an environment where support can also be found by being with others with similar objectives.

Why pay ££££?? weekly for unsustainable fad diets with no training sessions or real support when you can join The Dynamic Slimming Club Programme and receive 2 group training sessions a week plus weekly menu plans with weekly support…….. plus feel part of something that is special, focused and more importantly … educational!

If you would like to swap” something world” or “something watchers” for a programme that teaches you how to eat clean for maximum fat loss and involves clear training directives. Dynamic Ish is the trainer for you.

Ish is creating his next Weight Loss Training Group now…

Contact him now to get your place. This programme is limited to 24 members. Call now and start your journey.

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