Dynamic Combat

“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat”

The focus for Ish is a complete approach to health, fitness and self-preservation. His skills as a martial artist are evident in the titles he has won and his approach to life. Fundamentally, being alert and capable of applying any method to ensure your personal safety, is as essential as being happy, and the positive effects inspired by increased confidence and self worth really does add a considerable amount of spice to ones life.

3 Elements of Dynamic Combat

  • Street Self Defence ( click for more info)
  • Kick Boxing ( click for more info)
  • Boxing ( click for more info)

  • Through each of the three disciplines, Ish has a complete and focused approach to finding the best results that work for each individual whether it be for fitness or technique efficacy. He knows that the disciplines of each art can produce amazing results on the well being of a dedicated practitioner both physically and mentally. He is extremely devoted to the exploration of all possible outcomes of these techniques in his never-ending quest for knowledge. With this mindset, he refuses to be referred to as a master by his students but rather prefers to be thought of as a more experienced learner.

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