Many of us enjoy working out as a means to relieve stress and anxiety, and exercise is often regarded as a form of escape from the furious pace of everyday life. Completely immersing yourself into the process so that one is completely focused on form and intensity with your goal as the light at the end of the tunnel ,is often referred to as being in the zone. I mostly train in the zone and my zone is referred to as beast mode.

Being able to get into “The ZONE” {achieve mindfulness of purpose and process} while exercising makes the whole workout much more rewarding and enjoyable. We feel a stronger connection with our bodies and, as we become more aware of our movements during exercise, we derive a greater sense of fulfilment in knowing that we genuinely invested maximum effort in the workout.

In addition to accentuating positive moods, exercise is also important for reducing negative factors like some minor and serious health complications and stress, something which can affect us physically as well as psychologically.

A healthy mind is crucial in forging a healthy body and the body achieves what the mind believes it is capable of. A positive mindset and total concentration are necessary components of a great workout. When one gets into the zone during workouts and total immersion is achieved, it can work wonders for relieving stress and open the flood gates of untold gains.


  • When you firmly focus on each exercise and your desired goal, you will feel a stronger connection with your body and get more out of your workout.
  • A stronger focus on your routine improves the quality of your body dynamics which directly translates into better results from your workouts.
  • Proper focus reduces the likelihood of injury for a lot of reasons. You are more co-ordinated resulting in strict form, you are more aware of your surroundings and any possible hazards, you are more likely to quickly detect any irregular sensations or discomfort in your body and make necessary adjustments.
  • You are less concerned about what others are thinking or doing when you firmly focus on your self and what you are doing, distraction is less likely.
  • Firm focus results in self satisfaction in the knowledge that you gave you best effort during your workout.


  • Experience greater fluidity in movement
  • Amplify your bio-energy
  • Work towards quicker recovery times
  • Improve body image and self confidence
  • Promote a healthier mind and a stronger body
  • Build a deeper connection with you true self


  1. Remember why you are exercising. Always remind yourself of the reason you decided to put yourself upon this path. It most certainly is not an easy one but if your reason for starting is strong enough then it should keep you going on.
  2. Have a plan for each workout. Going to the gym without a clear idea of what one needs to do is the first step to underachieving. With a plan in place, that determines how your workouts are split between different body parts and training methods which cover cardio, resistance and flexibility in the required ratio, one is more likely to accomplish set goals.
  3. Breath properly during workouts. Being aware of your breathing helps you deal with stress and maintain a sharp focus. If you feel your mind drifting, close your eyes and take a deep breath. You will find your composure returning. Besides, oxygenated muscles work much better. During resistance training, it helps to breathe out as you press or lift (concentric phase) and breathe in as you drop or release (eccentric phase).
  4. Play some tunes. It might be a good idea to get some head phones and immerse your self in the world of energising or motivational music. It most certainly works for me. With head phones on people are less likely to try and start idle conversations with you and you will also less likely be distracted by all the gym drama around you.
  5. Post workout reflection. You should alway finish a workout with a short cool down. Use this time to reflect on the positives of the workout and start to visualise ways in which you can improve on you next session.